Submission Process 

Grant requests and all supporting documentation must be submitted at least 60 days prior to your event date or 60 days prior to the date you require a decision (whichever is earlier). Once you have completed your registration, you can submit new Independent Medical or Patient Education grant requests or a Corporate Charitable Donation request.
  • You can save your request submission at any stage of the process and return to complete your application at a later time.  
  • Teva will review your request for completion, clarity, and compliance within 45-60 days of submission. 
  • You will receive an email notification upon approval or denial of your request. Please note that any communication with Teva Pharmaceuticals employees outside of the U.S. Medical Education Department reagrding any pending or future requests may result in denial of those requests.
  • If approved, you will be required to provide budget reconciliation within 60 days following completion of the event. (Independent Medical Education Grants only)
  • If a refund is due to Teva Pharmaceuticals you will have 30 days to submit the refund. 
  • Failure to complete the reconciliation and/or submit refund dollars within the allocated timeframes may result in your inability to submit future requests.

Please Note: If your Independent Medical Education grant request is approved, you and any listed 3rd party accreditors will be required to electronically sign Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Letter of Independence (LOI) before the request is released for payment. Failure to sign the LOI within the required timeframe could result in the withdrawal of support.


Independent Medical Education (IME) Grants/Patient Education Requests

Teva is committed to supporting innovative, high-quality initiatives that provide the healthcare professional with evidence-based, clinically-relevant, performance-based education and to supporting education that fills critical awareness and knowledge gaps of patients/caregivers in order to advance healthcare practice and improve patient outcomes.

All requests must be unsolicited.

Should you require assistance please contact Medical Education at: or leave a message at 800-961-3604 for a return call within 3 business days.

Corporate Charitable Donations
Teva is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare and to improving the overall health of our communities - communities where we live and work, and communities that share our goal of enhancing science and improving healthcare around the world. In order to achieve these goals, we focus our Corporate Charitable Donations in the areas we believe significantly affect the health of our communities and where we believe we can have the biggest impact: Health and Wellness and Education, with a particular focus on science education. Organizations must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Teva Corporate Charitable Donations:
  • Organizations must be 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations
  • Organizations must focus on Health and Wellness and/or Education related issues; and
  • Organizations must be community based and not focused on a particular disease state or therapeutic area (disease state and therapeutically aligned requests should be submitted as Advocacy Funding Requests).
Should you require assistance, please contact Teva at the following:  or 1-855-581-3851.

U.S. Advocacy/Sponsorship Requests - Submission Process Change

Effective October 1, 2014, US Advocacy/Sponsorships, now known as Commercial Support, will no longer be processed through the Teva Request Management System.  

Commercial Support Requests from third-party organizations include:
  1. Promotional Support - Funding provided to Organizations in exchange for tangible promotional opportunities
  2. Corporate Sponsorships - Funding provided to Organizations in exchange for corporate recognition
  3. Corporate Memberships - Funding provided to Organizations to advance the mission of an organization
Requests for Commercial Support funding may be submitted by emailing the Teva Therapeutic Area Marketing Manager.Please click here for contact information: Teva Therapeutic Area Marketing Manager

Patient Education Process Change

Funding for Patient Education programs now resides with the Medical Education Team and these requests are to be entered into the Teva Request Management System by entering your email address and password, or registering if you are new user.



 All Teva requestors will be required to comply with Teva’s own internal spending guidelines for meals and hotels. Any amount exceeding Teva’s guidelines will be subtracted from the request and funded for a lesser amount.
  1. Breakfast $45 (including tax and tip)
  2. Lunch $65 (including tax and tip)
  3. Dinner $125 (including tax and tip)
  4. Hotel Room $250/per night (including tax and tip): A resort or resort-type location is not an appropriate venue for educational meetings.




Teva requires every organization to create an organization profile in the Request Management System. By registering your organization you will be able to submit for various Teva requests.

Registration Process

To apply for Independent Medical Education Grants, Patient Education Grants, and Corporate Charitable Donations, you must first complete the registration process. To begin the registration process, read the Compliance Commitment and Terms of Use and then click “I Agree” and “Submit” in order to proceed to the Registration Profile.
Please note that you must complete your registration in one sitting - you can not stop in the middle, save, and complete later.  You will have to start the process again from the beginning if you do not complete all at once.
Each question accompanied by a red asterisk is a required field and must be completed in order to successfully register.

Upon registration, the user will be required to use their email address as their username and create a password
  • User Name Requirements: Users email address
  • Password Requirements: 8-12 characters
    1. Upper and lower case alphabetic characters (a through z, A through Z)
    2. All numeric characters (0 through 9)

W-9 Instructions

A current copy of the organization’s signed and dated W-9 form is also required to complete the registration process. Please ensure you complete the required December 2011 IRS Revised W-9 form, available in the system. 

Link to Blank W-9

A blank copy of the required W-9 form can be found both during the registration process and here: blank W-9 document

In order to obtain a signed and dated copy of the organization’s W-9 form, it may be necessary to print the form, have the appropriate party sign and date the form, and then scan the signed and dated copy in order to obtain the electronic version of the completed copy. If you do not have access to a scanner, please note that facilities such as Kinko’s, Office Max, and Staples can help you convert your printed materials into electronic copies for a minimal fee. It is the registering organization’s obligation to obtain access to a scanner in order to complete the registration process.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no "save" feature during the registration process. The registration must be completed within 45 minutes or the Request Management System will log out the requestor requiring the registration process to be re-started.
**NOTE: Non-US requestors should contact Teva regarding their request as the Request Management System (RMS) is designed to support US based organizations only.

Once all required fields and a copy of the organization’s signed and dated W-9 form have been uploaded, the user will click the “submit” button on the bottom right side of the application screen. If the registration is successfully completed and accepted a registration confirmation will be emailed directly to the user’s provided email address.

After the registration is complete the requestor should then click the “Home” button to begin the request submission process by entering the created user name and password. To update registration information in the future the user can click the “Profile” link at the top right of the screen.

Reasons for unsuccessful registration:
  1. Not completing all required fields (the "Attention" field, located under "Contact First Name, last name, and title is the most commonly missed required field)
  2. Not uploading the required W-9 form 
  3. W-9 File size too large (Max Size 15 Megabytes)
  4. Not following the user name and password guidelines
  5. Email address already in use in the Teva Request Management System
  6. In-activity during the registration process for 45 minutes or longer


Once registration is successfully completed a funding request for an Independent Medical Education grant, a Patient Education grant, or a Corporate Charitable Donation request may be submitted. Please see above instructions to determine which type of request to submit. For all request types, every field with a red asterisk must be completed and every required document must be uploaded. The system will not allow you to complete the request if all required fields and documentation are not provided.

Teva Review

Teva will review your request for completeness and compliance within 45-60 days after receipt. If additional information is needed, we will notify you of what is needed and you will have ten business days to submit the requested information. Failure to provide the information within ten business days may result in denial of your request.


Teva will review your application and inform you of our decision within 60 days of complete submission of the request. Communication of Teva's decision will come via an email from the system. Please note that any requests that require additional information may result in the delay of review and potential funding. 

Post Activity Reconciliation

If the request is approved you will be required to provide budget reconciliation within 60 days following completion of the event. If a refund is due to Teva Pharmaceuticals you will have 30 days from reconciliation submission to submit the refund. Failure to complete the reconciliation and/or submit refund dollars within the allocated timeframes will result in your inability to submit future Medical and Patient Education requests.