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Education Objectives: Migraine

Initiatives should engage patients with migraines and their care partners to improve:

  • Understanding and tracking their migraine triggers, patterns, and treatments to improve communication with their HCPs
  • Awareness of current and emerging treatment options, including acute and preventative treatment for migraine attacks
  • Understanding of the importance of treatment adherence

Migraine Audience Groups: Patient and Care Partners

Education Objectives: Huntington's Disease

Initiatives should engage patients with HD and their care partners to improve:

  • Understanding of their disease, including signs and symptoms, disease progression, importance of early diagnosis, and disease management strategies
  • Recognition of the importance of compliance and adherence to therapies
  • Awareness and understanding of available and emerging treatment options and advances in research for treating Huntington's Disease and the symptoms including chorea

Huntington's Disease Audience Groups: Patients and Care Partners