Registration Process

Teva requires every organization to register in the Request Management System (RMS) Portal before submitting requests. As part of the registration, you will be asked to create a profile, to provide organization information, and to read and acknowledge our compliance commitment form. Registration should take about 15 minutes to complete. Please download and follow the registration instructions.


Download the Registration Guide PDF here

After registration is complete, you will receive a thank you email. Once your registration has been reviewed, you will receive an email notification that you are now able to submit requests.

Click on the pen and paper icon at any time in the future to update your profile and organization information.

Reasons for Unsuccessful Registration

  1. Not completing all required fields
  2. Not uploading the required W-9 form
  3. Not following the user name and password guidelines
  4. Not clicking the submit button after it turns green

When you return to the home page, be sure to double check your registration by reviewing the color of the status bar on the bottom of the Submission Card.