Patient Education Expense Guidelines

Expenses and Budget Items Teva WILL NOT support in educational grants

  • Operational Expenses, e.g., salary, equipment
  • Reimbursement to non-faculty attendees for parking, per diem, travel, etc.
  • Payments to individuals, including healthcare professionals or physician practice groups
  • Payments to non-US organizations
  • Payments for gift items, e.g. gift cards, computers
  • Payments for strictly entertainment or social events

Teva spending guidelines - Patient Education 

All budgets are closely reviewed to ensure spend is appropriate and justifiable.  When reviewing meeting costs, we recognize the differences from city to city, however, a general guideline for hotel stays is $250/per night (including tax and tip). Hotel rates and venues will be reviewed with the understanding that they vary depending on the city and venue and a brief justification may be required for higher rates and/or locations.


Patient education programs are not accredited like education programs for Healthcare Providers.  Because of this, any Teva grant funds used to pay a Healthcare Provider for a patient education program must be reported back to Teva.  This is mandated by the Federal Government. Please refer to the FAQ for Open Payments for exact instructions.  Payments to a Healthcare Provider include honoraria and any reimbursements for items such as hotel, travel, transportation, etc.