Common Reasons for Requests for Additional Information (RFI)

The most common reasons for requests for additional information may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Needs assessment not robust enough and specific enough to address the educational gap
  2. Learning objectives are too general and do not tie in with the needs assessment
  3. W-9 not signed or dated or on current
  4. Request letter not on legal letterhead or legal letterhead is uploaded blank, with no letter text
  5. Budget entered in the Request Management System (RMS) Portal does not correspond to uploaded budget attachment document; budget not detailed and specific enough regarding honoraria payments
  6. Roles and responsibilities of Chair and Faculty too broad
  7. Accreditation Certification(s) not current

The Most Common Reason for Denial is Budgetary Restrictions

Another Common Reason for Denial is Program Not Aligned with Teva’s Educational Platform / Strategies

  • Audience Focus – refer to educational platform
  • Multiple requests submitted for same meeting

Other Reasons for Denial

  • Scope of proposal not aligned with Teva's interest
  • Amount of proposal not aligned with Teva's interest
  • Reach is low in relation to the program cost/cost per learnerOverall incomplete or poorly constructed grant proposal
  • Poor needs assessment document
  • No response/unsatisfactory response to request for additional information
  • Unjustified high/redundant costs in budget or other budget items
  • Letter of independence (LOI) not signed in time/refusal to sign Teva LOI
  • Previous issues with program quality with requestor and/ or accreditor
  • Compliance reasons
  • Failure to submit the request a minimum of sixty days prior to the program date
  • Educational activity is secondary to the entertainment or social portion of the program
  • Funding request submitted and request letter signed by a healthcare professional who will be receiving honorarium for speaking at the event
  • Intentional falsification of information