HCP Education Expense Guidelines

Expenses and Budget Items Teva WILL NOT support in educational grants

  • Fellowships will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Reimbursement to non-faculty attendees for parking, per diem, travel, etc.
  • Payments to individuals, including healthcare professionals or physician practice groups
  • Payments to non-US organizations
  • Payments for gift items, e.g. gift cards, computers
  • Payments for strictly entertainment or social events

Teva spending guidelines for meals and hotels

All budgets are closely reviewed to ensure spend is appropriate and justifiable.  When reviewing hotel and meal costs, we recognize the differences from city to city, however, general guidelines are below: 

  • Breakfast $30 (including tax and tip)
  • Lunch $45 (including tax and tip)
  • Dinner $140 (including tax and tip)
  • Hotel $250/per night (including tax and tip): Hotel rates and venues will be reviewed with the understanding that they vary depending on the city and venue and a brief justification may be required for higher rates and/or locations.